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HydroCare’s Quadmaxx provides a whole-house system utilizing patented design and materials that are easy to install and maintain, at an extremely affordable price without sacrificing on performance, using patented 3D matrix discs and an innovative parallel flow design. The disc structures are embedded with multiple types of carbon and KDF to deliver high performance at high flowrates, allowing for more surface contact area between the water and the purification materials. The design enables the unit to hold up to four times the amount of purification media found in similar sized systems. WQA Gold Seal approved and independently tested and certified to remove 99 percent of chlorine and over 80 percent of THMs. It is also effective in removing cysts, VOCs, chemicals and pesticides. This compact system is only 18 inches (45.72 cm) wide and 13 inches (33.02 cm) high and easy to install; has a 40,000-gallon (151,416-liter) capacity and allows for easy replacement of media. http://www.hydrocareusa.com, (888) 234-9376

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