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HydroCare’s Iron 300X can effectively remove up to three parts per million (ppm) iron, 1.5 ppm hydrogen sulfide, one ppm manganese and incorporates a 25-1 micron filter for sediment removal. This system does not require any electricity, salt, chemicals, cumbersome tanks or backwashing. It also incorporates KDF to prevent the formation of bacteria in the system and a carbon component to aid in the removal of other contaminants and to improve taste. The Iron 300X is easy to install and maintain and is powerful yet compact: only 24-inches (60.96-cm) wide and 27-inches (68.58-cm) high. Depending on iron levels, the system can effectively filter up to 160,000 gallons (605,665 liters) before the filters need to be replaced. http://www.hydrocareusa.com, (888) 234-9376

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HydroCare USA
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