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Water vapor removal


Perma Pures MD” and MDH” Series dryers remove excess water vapor to keep total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers free from damage and inaccurate results.Using patented Nafion® membrane technology, the dryers selectively remove only water vapor from gas samples, leaving the carbon dioxide concentration intact for measurement. There is no need for a drip leg, peltier cooler or desiccant canister; without moving parts, the dryers are highly reliable, requiring no routine maintenance. MD-Series dryers, available in stainless steel, fluorocarbon or polypropylene, feature a range of sizes with flow rates of up to four Lpm.MDH-Series dryers are designed for gas flows of up to one Lpm, with as much as 30 percent water by volume. Either model may be incorporated easily into analyzer cabinets or used as a stand-alone device. http://www.permapure.cominfo@permapure.com

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Perma Pure Inc.
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