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The Canature 785 Dual Pass Softener uses a two-tank system to prevent hardness leakage on very hard water supplies (> 75 gpg). The first tank significantly reduces water hardness while the second tank acts as a polisher to prevent slippage. The unit features salt-efficient, up-flow regeneration for ultimate salt savings. The BAF 565 Series chemical-free iron filter removes stubborn iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide, all while using up to 50-percent less water than traditional iron filters. Natural oxidation removes iron without the need for chemicals, air pumps or Venturis. Also available is the 95 Series for high flowrates for large residential and commercial applications. Three models are available: BAF, neutral pH or higher; BIF, > 7.0 pH and BIF MN, low pH (6.0 to 6.9). http://www.canaturena.com, (877) 771-6789

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Canature North America
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