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Sierra Instruments introduces its new line of transit-time ultrasonic flowmeters. The design of the Innova-Sonic 203 focuses on the measurement of water flows in HVAC, irrigation and other water applications. Ideal for pipes up to 48 inches (1.21 meters) in diameter, the 203 promises accuracy to +/-1.0 percent of reading, repeatability to +/-0.3 percent of reading and a temperature range of 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C). It offers low power consumption and high reliability at an economical price. An easy-to-read display and clear, user-friendly menu selections make using the instrument simple and convenient. It can be configured via keypad without any additional programming devices. Innova-Sonic 205i accuracy improves to +/-0.5 percent of reading, repeatability to +/-0.15 percent of reading and pipe capacity increases to 200 inches (5.08 meters). Shortcut buttons, high-temperature clamp-on and insertion options have been added to the main interface. The portable 210i clamp-on ultrasonic meter provides a powerful and extremely user-friendly programming menu that includes instantaneous flowrate, positive total, negative total, net total, velocity, date and time and daily flow results. Its one GB SD memory card promises high-capacity data logging, while a rechargeable lithium-ion battery supports continuous operation for a minimum of 16 hours. http://www.sierrainstruments.com

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