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UF cartridges for industrial treatment


Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. offers TARGA®-10 Ultrafiltration cartridges for industrial water treatment applications. TARGA-10 Hollow Fiber cartridges have a 10-inch diameter and deliver 60 percent more product water than conventional eight-inch cartridges, resulting in significant cost savings. By using TARGA-10 cartridges, system size is significantly reduced because of the additional flow per cartridge. These smaller systems require 50 percent less floor space resulting in substantial savings in building costs and the reduction in the number of skids lowers shipping and installation costs. Additionally, the larger capacity cartridges reduce the number of connections, thereby improving reliability and further lowering costs. TARGA-10 cartridges feature true ultrafiltration membranes and are designed to remove particulates, colloids and larger molecular weight components and are an ideal pretreatment step for spiral RO membranes.

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Koch Membrane Systems Inc. (KMS)
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