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B2P Australia Pty Ltd announces its water pathogen management system test kits (WaterCheck and ColiQuik(TM)) provide results in 2-12 hours depending on the amount of bacteria in samples. The kits can be used anywhere by anyone, withouttechnical training. Test kits consist of a three-component sterile evacuated flask that includes a locking lid with bacterial growth medium, inhibitory substrate for non-test bacteria and reagent, 100 mL plastic PET barrel through which light can pass and a base that contains chlorhexadine to kill bacteria and allow for safe disposal of the test kit. The reagent changes color from blue to pink as bacteria grow andmultiply, then changes to white in the presence of E. coli.www.b2ptesting.com.auinfo@b2ptesting.com.au

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B2P Australia Pty Ltd
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