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Global Water Solutions USA’s patented PLASTEEL shell ensures an impenetrable protective shield against the harshest elements. Combining the structural strength of steel with an outer cover of plastic makes this RO tank indestructible and completely corrosion-free. Standard 10-inch (25.4-cm) filter housings, made with 100-percent virgin materials, utilize a patented lip-seal design on the internal side of the housing cap to prevent water leaks and protect housings from water hammer. The lip seal acts as the primary seal and avoids water contact with the O-ring, which is simply used as a fail-safe device. GWS’s granular-activated carbon UDF cartridge filters and inline filters share the company’s patented BL@CKFREE feature, which is created by adding a secondary, spun polypropylene sediment filter into the main body of the UDF or inline filter. The internal PP filter reduces the amount of carbon fines, thereby reducing black water coming out of the polishing filter, minimizing carbon fines making their way into the RO housing. http://www.gwsusa.com, info@gwsusa.com, (941) 226-0390

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