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Pulsation elimination system

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Fluid Metering, Inc. has combined its patented CeramPump® No-Valve Fluid Control principle with their new Phase-Canceling Technology to eliminate pulsation for continuous fluid metering down to extremely low flows of five L/min. The Smooth-Flo® Fluid Delivery System is a fully programmable dispensing system controlled by precision stepper motors. Phase-Canceling Technology uses three separate valveless pump heads, uniquely timed, to eliminate pulsation. A second stepper motor adjusts the piston displacement, which allows for fine adjustment to be made to the shot size by changing the stroke length. The system produces pulse-free fluid delivery with one percent or better accuracy for millions of cycles. The Smooth-Flo can be programmed for a variety of functions with a user-friendly touch screen interface that can control as many as 16 systems on a single bus and store up to 100 programs, letting the user change between setups on the fly. Approximately 128 metering devices can be controlled using a PLC or computer. Fluid Metering is certified ISO 9001 compliant.

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Fluid Metering, Inc.
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