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De Nora CAPITAL CONTROLS® ozone generators make use of the natural element to ensure a safe and sustainable source of water. The MCP range is the smallest size, ranging from 40 to 1,400 g/h of ozone across five different model sizes. Systems offer flexibility, simple maintenance and a host of other operational features to ensure maximum uptime and cost effectiveness. All have a compact design and are integrated into a painted stainless steel cabinet, which also includes the air-feed gas-drying system for ozone production from air. The TPF range includes 13 different models that produce between one and 37 kg/h of ozone in concentrations between two and 15 percent wt. These systems have a compact design, are skid-mounted up to 18 kg/h and include the air-feed gas-drying system. http://www.denora.com, info.dnwt@denora.com

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