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The ICS Series, a high concentration ozone output generator ranging from 15g/hr to 30g/hr, is now available from Pacific Ozone Technology. Each system combines an onboard oxygen concentrator and air compressor with the highly effective, air-cooled ozone generator using patented Floating Plate Technology”. Integrated with exclusive Enhanced Mass Transfer” ozone contact technology from Pacific Ozone, the unit is housed in an attractive, compact, lightweight and portable stainless steel package. These systems are easy to operate, with a convenient and user-friendly control panel, including standard controls such as 0-100 percent variable power control, feed gas and reactor backpressure control, power supply feed back reference signal and ozone production indicator. Optional control interfaces include: 0-10VDC or 4-20mA input signal for 0-100 percent remote variable ozone concentration control. Other integrated options include a degas separator, ambient ozone gas detector and dissolved ozone monitor with accuracy of +/- 0.02ppm.

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Pacific Ozone Technology
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