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Ozone disinfection system

1303 Stanley Avenue Dayton OH 45404
1303 Stanley Avenue Dayton OH 45404

AmeriWater’s Ozone Disinfection System features a design that delivers economical, highly effective and chemical-free ozone disinfection in a portable and easy-to-use unit that has recently been cleared by the FDA. The system’s high-tech corona discharge process produces aqueous ozone, the best disinfectant for bicarb and water systems, saving money by eliminating the need to purchase expensive, dangerous and hard-to-dispose chemicals. Adjustable gauges quickly indicate the proper vacuum levels for mixing ozone and water. An ozone gas-off chamber removes excess gas not dissolved in the water and runs it through an ozone gas destruct device, returning it to oxygen. Equipped with integral wheels, the portable and compact unit moves easily from bicarb to water systems or from center to center. http://www.AMERIWATER.com, (800) 535-5585

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AmeriWater Corporation
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