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Millipore Corporation has published the fifth edition of its Protein Blotting Handbook. The publication includes techniques for protein blotting including 17 protocols for protein transfer, visualization and immunodetection. This handbook also contains a detailed troubleshooting guide and several innovative methods, such as the Rapid Immunodetection Method that reduces detection time by several hours and the Double Blot Method that eliminates non-specific binding.The company also offers the RiOs 3 water purification system, designed to meet the needs of laboratories that require up to 30 L/day of high quality pure water from the tap. This adaptable system is suitable for general non-critical laboratory applications such as manual cleaning/rinsing and buffer preparation. It also can be used to provide feedwater for glassware washers, autoclaves and humidifiers or as a pretreatment for ultrapure water systems, including Millipores Synergy® and Milli-Q® systems.

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