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Henkel Corporation introduces Loctite® Insulating & Sealing Wrap, a non-sticking multipurpose tape that quickly fuses to itself when stretched and wrapped around a surface. This non-adhesive product withstands extreme temperatures, UV light and exposure to saltwater, acids and fuels. Available in a one-inch by 10-foot (25.4 mm by 3.048 m) roll, it can be stretched to three times its size and tapered edges ensure a uniform wrap thickness. The product provides tensile strength to 700 psi and dielectric strength to 400 vpm, will withstand temperature extremes from -65° to 500°F (-53.88° to 260°C) and is designed to seal and protect against air and water leakage, corrosion and scratches.www.henkelna.com/mronew800-LOCTITE

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Henkel Corporation
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