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Elsevier|Science and Technology Books introduces Mineral Scales and Deposits: Scientific and Technological Approaches by Zahid Amjad and Kostas Demadis. This book presents, in an integrated way, the problem of scale deposits in aqueous systems, both industrial and biological. It covers several fundamental aspects, also offering an application’s perspective, with the ultimate goal of helping readers better understand the underlying mechanisms of scale formation, while also assisting users/readers in solving scale-related challenges. It is ideal for scientists/experts in academia, offering a number of crystal growth topics with an emphasis on mechanistic details, prediction modules and inhibition/dispersion chemistry. In addition, technologists, consultants, plant managers, engineers and designers working in the industry will find a field-friendly overview of scale-related challenges and technological options for their mitigation. http://www.elsevier.com, (781) 663-2268

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