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Metering pump

Flowrox introduces its FXM Metering Pump, which allows operators to monitor pumps 24/7 with the use of any computer or mobile device. This pump has low consumption of spare parts, reduces maintenance and downtime, improves process performance, provides accurate dosing and is now IIoT-ready. FXM-2 model max flow reaches up to 46.5 gph (176.0 L/h), while FXM-3 reaches up to 221.9 gph (839.9 L/h). Working pressure of both models goes up to 125 psi and they can withstand a higher ambient temperature: up to 131°F (55°C). The pump includes serviceable rotor construction, which can be disassembled for maintenance; operation adjustment through digital touchpad: precise and reliable performance, and a new motor and control circuit; the pump runs accurately and smoothly, even at the lowest speed. https://flowrox.com/

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