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Mega-flo filtration systems

1777 Shermer Rd. Northbrook IL 60062
1777 Shermer Rd. Northbrook IL 60062

EGA-FLO® filtration systems, offering 8,500 to 21,000 gph (32,176 to 79493 L/h) flow rates, are designed to handle a variety of solutions. Systems are constructed of PVC for temperatures to 140°F, or SERFILCO’s PPP polypropylene construction for applications to 180°F. Available with a single or double mechanical seal pump or with a magnetic coupled polypropylene pump. Oversize ports on filter chambers result in low-pressure differential that together with high solids holding capacity, result in long periods of high flow, continuous dirt removal between cartridge changes and add to system efficiency. http://www.serfilco.comsales@serfilco.com

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Serfilco, Ltd.
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