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Mechanical cartridge seal


Flowserve Corp. has launched the Flowserve GCX single mechanical cartridge seal, specifically designed forANSI and DIN pump services where the pumps and seals are required to operate in multiple chemical environments without chemical compatibility change-outs. The seal is ideally suited for intermediate and batch chemical processes in shortrun chemical plants and in multiple campaign specialty chemical and pharmaceutical plants using solvents and steam for decontamination. Built with durable metals to withstand corrosion and harsh chemical conditions, the GCX features an alloy C-276 bellows, 316 stainless steel components and flexible graphite foil secondary seals. The metallurgical components in the GCX alsoenable it to operate in a wider temperature range. With no dynamic O-ring, the stationary bellows design of the GCX (based on the highly successful Flowserve ISC bellows seal) avoids seal hangup in coking applications. Its canned sleeve design prevents installation damage to its silicon carbide rotor, which is held in compression with a graphite foil secondary seal for maximum chemical compatibility.

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Flowserve Corp.
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