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Leak detector and service kits

1605 Victory Blvd. Glendale CA 91201-3761
1605 Victory Blvd. Glendale CA 91201-3761
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Chester Paul Company announces the availability of its Leak Detector Auto Shut-Off (Part Number LD-1-JG), a reliable, affordable leak detector, in stock and ready for shipment. Available in 0.25-, 0.375- and 0.5-inch (6.35-, 9.525- and 12.7-mm) quick connect. The leak detector is a cost-effective auto shut-off solution. Also available are John Guest Install and Service Kits that include almost 100 of the most commonly used 0.25- and 0.375-inch fittings, as well as valves and a tubing cutter. All fittings are white polypropylene with EPDM O-rings suited for all chlorine and chloramine drinking water applications. Black polypropylene is available, with a built-in UV inhibitor. Great for any service technician. http://www.cpccatalog.com, sales@chesterpaul.com, (800) 227-2093

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Chester Paul Company
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