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High-pressure piping system and ball valves


Victaulic announces the launch of the StrengThin™ Piping System, which features a proprietary groove profile for high-pressure performance. It enables direct pipe-end forming of the new groove profile on Schedule 10S and Schedule 20 Duplex and Super Duplex stainless steel pipe up to 16 inches (40.64 cm) in diameter. The system includes a full range of couplings, fittings, valves and a pipe preparation tool. StrengThin couplings are available as rigid or flexible, and they all feature the company’s proprietary anti-biofouling Grade EW gasket. Available in two- to 16-inch (50- to 400-millimeter) sizes and rated up to 1,200 psi (8,200 kPa) with a minimum safety factor of three to one. The Series 726D Super Duplex Stainless Steel Vic-Ball Valve can withstand pressures of up to 1,200 psi (8,200 kPa), making it ideal for high-pressure applications in corrosive environments. A grooved-end, high-pressure, full-port ball valve, it provides faster, easier and safer installation than flanged or butt-weld valves. Available in two- to six-inch (50 to 150-mm) sizes. http://www.victaulic.com, BBaltz@victaulic.com

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