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High-capacity membrane contactors


Membrana-Charlotte introduces the 14 x 40 Liqui-Cel® membrane contactor to its product family, extending the product line’s capacity from 400 gpm to 550 gpm (125 m3) in a single device, representing a >30-percent increase in capacity. Larger flowrates are handled by piping multiple contactors together in parallel, and additional capacity allows degassing systems to be built using fewer contactors and connections, resulting in a smaller footprint with lower capital expense. Due to the increased membrane area, radial flow velocity is reduced, resulting in a low pressure drop for this design. The contactor utilizes a polypropylene hollow fiber and durable PVC housing, and the module contains 4,015 square feet (373 m2) of membrane area. Pressure rating is 4.1 bar (60 psig). The product is NSF/ANSI 61-compliant. http://www.liqui-cel.com, info@liqui-cel.com

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