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Flowmeters and monitoring system


PipeBurst Pro’s FloMeter offers an added level of data and protection to its leak detection and water protection system, allowing homeowners to track cumulative quantities of water used for consumption, conservation and leak detection purposes. Consumers can use a basic setting that tracks user set quantities of water through a pre-defined amount of time. With more advanced settings, a consumer has the option to set minimum and maximum thresholds in order to be better informed and protected against overuse, unintended use and even leaks. All of this information is collected and matriculated using ionleaks.com, giving consumers complete and comprehensive access to an Internet-connected PipeBurst Pro system from anywhere in the world. The web portal provides a graphical user interface that allows the user to both monitor and control the system remotely. http://www.PipeBurstPro.com, (800) 246-LEAK (5325)

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PipeBurst Pro
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