Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine

Filter cartridges and systems

Aquaphor’s A100 cartridge provides absolute antibacterial protection, perfect for children’s nutrition and those with sensitive health issues. The A5 filter offers longer-lasting protection from tap water heavily polluted with rust, sand and silt. The B25, designed to fit various European filter jugs, includes finer adsorbents as well as Aqualen’s ion-exchange fiber, a patented bacteriostatic materia1 highly effective against heavy metals found in tap water. The B25 filter is also available with a magnesium mineralizer. The RO-201 is an advanced yet compact RO system that is able to work with low tap pressure and adjust to incoming water quality and incorporates a filter change reminder. The elegantly shaped Provance filter jug, in blow-molded organic glass, is stylishly designed with extra-large capacity and is available with either Aquaphor’s Universal or Maxfor filter cartridges. Aquaphor products meet European and North American quality regulations and are certified to NSF standards.

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