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25 Coligni Ave. New Rochelle NY 10801
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Pure1 Systems’ Absolute1″ high-efficiency depth filter cartridge is constructed using an advanced, microprocessor-controlled production process that permits the creation of multiple filtration zones within a single filter cartridge. The four-zone design produces a gradient pore structure that effectively captures larger particles in the outer sections of the filter cartridge while providing highly efficient and consistent removal of small particles in the inner sections, eliminating the need for an additional prefilter. Manufactured from FDA-listed materials in polypropylene, the filter offers performance of greater than 99.9 percent of materials 0.5 m or greater, as determined by the ASTM F-795 Test. The filter (free of adhesives, binders, resins and silicone) replaces PF-5 and PF-1 filters.www.Pure1.comsales@Pure1.com

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