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Electro-deionization module


The patented Septron Series from the Christ Water Technology Group includes an electro-deionization module for high flow rates, which can be sanitized with hot water. The SMH 3000 operates at an output of 2,500 to 3,300 L/h (660.43 to 871.76 gph) with a pressure loss of 1.5 to 2.5 bar. It can be sanitized at a temperature of more than 80C (176F) in a period of 30 minutes. The special hydrodynamic design permits a higher sanitization flow rate of up to 70 percent of the ultra-pure water output with a pressure drop of one bar. Hydraulic connections are made of stainless steel and designed as clamp connections (DN 32). As component parts of the compact Osmotron System, the unit offers a water conversion efficiency of up to 98 percent and a voltage drop of not more than 100 V. Generated ultra-pure water has conductivity values of <0.1 s/cm, TOC values of <50 ppb and the complete removal of CO2 and SiO2. http://www.christwater.com/EN/

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Christ Water Technology Group
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