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Dialysis system

1303 Stanley Avenue Dayton OH 45404
1303 Stanley Avenue Dayton OH 45404

AmeriWater’s MediQA dialysis system, which recently received FDA clearance, can serve six to 40 stations at dialysis facilities with the exceptional benefits of RO water treatment and heat disinfection. It delivers a fully integrated water purification solution when coupled with pretreatment, a loop heat disinfection system and distribution pipework suitable for heat. The MediQA unit provides maximum flexibility and is available in single- and dual-pass membrane models. User-friendly operation are managed through a full-color touchscreen display with comprehensive menu navigation, including full schematics. Password-protected, stored data includes active status indicators, alarm conditions and performance logs. Stored data can be downloaded to a remote PC Excel spreadsheet or accessed through the touchscreen. http://www.ameriwater.com

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AmeriWater Corporation
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