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DI exchange tanks


Art’s Way Vessels has initiated the FLX tank stocking program to promote quick shipping on popular sizes of steel skid-mounted DI exchange tanks. Once exhausted, the tanks are taken by truck to a central regeneration facility. The FLX line is stocked and ready to ship within 24 hours. Thirteen- up to 53-cubic-feet capacity, these tanks are available to satisfy needs based on water usage; most sizes will fit within most PE exchange water treatment systems used for both commercial and industrial applications. All tanks are non-code and rated at 100 psi maximum operating pressure. In-stock tanks are furnished with side-shell inlet/outlet and two-inch (50.8-mm) pad flanges in top and bottom heads for ease of loading and resin evacuation. Skid-mounted, the tanks have a safety blue epoxy finish on exterior and a durable Plasite 4110 interior lining extending tank life. Optional features can be added and those tanks will ship on standard lead times.www.artsway-vessels.com, sales@artsway-vessels.com

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