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110 Bosstick Blvd. San Marcos CA 92069
110 Bosstick Blvd. San Marcos CA 92069

Applied Membranes, Inc. (AMI®) Membrane Contactor Degasifier Systems use Liqui-Cel® microporous hollow-fiber membranes to remove gases from liquids. Capable of achieving < 1ppm CO2 and < 1ppb O2, these degasifiers provide significant benefits to industrial processes by removing gases from liquids (such as carbon dioxide and oxygen). Removal of these gases can improve process efficiency and prevent negative impacts on production yields related to dissolved gases. Industry applications include boiler feedwater, power generation, food and beverage, offshore injection water, general industrial, aquifer storage and many more. http://www.appliedmembranes.com, sales@appliedmembranes.com

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Applied Membranes, Inc.
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