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Ceramic filtration media


Fairmount Water Solutions introduces Macrolite® Engineered Ceramic Media, an ultra-performance filtration material proven to increase capacity and deliver tighter filtration without new facility construction. Retrofitting an existing gravity delivers valuable improvements in efficiency and performance, such as finer particulate filtration, greater capacity, reduced effluent turbidity and increased flow rates. The ceramic spheres exhibit extraordinarily high surface area combined with uniform composition, shape, size, sphericity and density. The media can boost flow rates to 10 gpm/ft.² (37.85 L/m), filter down to the three-micron level and form a critical barrier to cyst contaminants such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. http://www.fairmountchemicals.com, tim.mcmillin@fairmountminerals.com

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Fairmount Water Solutions
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