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Ceramic diffuser developed

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Filtros Ltd. has been issued a United States patent for an all-ceramic gas diffuser for use in water and wastewater treatment. The one-piece design is formed of a gas permeable porous alumina diffuser ceramically bonded at high temperatures to an impervious ceramic holder yielding a corrosion resistantproduct. Stainless steel components, polymer gaskets and cements of all kinds have been eliminated. With leak-free design, customers can expect to experience lower operating costs by achieving higher efficiencies. Lower maintenance costs are also realized due to gasket-free design and one-piece construction. With its 3/4″ NPT connection, this diffuser is designed to retrofit into existing systems. Originally developed for corrosive ozone systems, third-party testing also indicates the combination of materialsand design produces a highly flexible diffuser that can be used in many different systems operating a wide range of gases and gas flow parameters.

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Filtros Ltd.
0604Filtros Ceramic Diffuserd.jpg 6 years ago
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