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Dynaflow, Inc. introduces DynaSwirl® and StratoJet® large flow rate bubble generators. DynaSwirl® generates a highly rotating flow to create a very low pressure at the center of a vortex that cavitates, which results in vortex breakdown near the orifice and generation of very fine bubbles. Air or other gases can be easily introduced into the generator to enhance gas transfer. StratoJet® utilizes a passive acoustic resonance created by flow interaction with the nozzle and upstream chambers to induce the formation of large vortical ring cavities which break up to generate very fine bubbles. Both generators are scalable and versatile, can be made to different scales and flow rates and can be custom designed and fabricated to meet the customer specific application requirements. The bubble generators also allow production of bubble sizes ranging from nanometers to millimeters, depending on the configuration and application. http://www.dynaflow-inc.com, (301) 604-3688

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