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Beverage system

oct2015MTNdMTN Products® introduces gourmet coffee brewing water coolers for the commercial and residential markets. The commercial AquaCafé® Beverage System is a water cooler with a built-in, singe-serve coffee brewer. In 45 seconds, it produces freshly brewed gourmet coffee or tea while at the same time filling a glass with pure water from the AquaHost™ cooler. The AquaBarista is a single-serve brewer that can be integrated on top of the AquaHost™ cooler or it can sit on the countertop as a stand-alone gourmet coffee brewer. The AquaCafé System comes in POD or K-Cup options and in both filtration and bottle-water models. The bottle-water model is bottom loading; no lifting of heavy bottles required. The residential model is a single-unit water cooler that makes gourmet coffee, tea and dispenses purified hot and cold water for small offices and homes. With many of the same great features as the commercial model, options for K-cups (KGM approved) or Touch capsules and filtration or bottle-water models are available. The bottle water slides in the bottom so there is also no lifting of heavy bottles. The filtration model has room inside for a single eco3 filter or an eco3 RO system. http://www.mtnproducts.com, sales@mtnproducts.com.

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