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Ion Exchange Treatment for Water by Anthony M. Wachinski, Ph.D., P.E., published by the American Water Works Association, is now available. This handbook provides scientific theory, technical data, system design, operating parameters and processes and costs for ion exchange in water treatment, as well as discussions of the changing roles of ion exchange water treatment in the coming years. The traditional role of ion exchange continues to range from the complete removal of all dissolved ionic species, to calcium and magnesium salts removal (softening), to selective removal of arsenic from groundwater. In industrial water treatment, ion exchange still plays a major role in the production of high quality feed waters. But those roles are changing, due to the growth of membrane technology and changing brine discharge legislation. PE Pipe-Design and Installation (M55) is a manual that provides users of PE pipe and fittings in potable water systems both technical and general information on design, specification, procurement and installation. It covers engineering properties of polyethylene; manufacturing, testing and inspection; hydraulics of PE pipe; working pressure rating; external load design; joining and fitting; transportation, handling and storage; installation; hydro testing and commissioning; maintenance and repairs.www.awwa.orgcustsvc@awwa.org

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