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Nevada Accepting Water Tech Company Proposals

Through WaterStart and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED), the State of Nevada is now accepting proposals from tech companies around the world with timely, collaborative and unique applications on how Nevada can advance water technology development. As part of Round 11 of a competitive matching grant process, individual grants range from $25,000 to $100,000. For the first time, this request for proposals (RFP) also focuses on water priorities from Queensland Urban Utilities, the first international organization to be invited to join WaterStart. In May, both organizations signed a landmark agreement to promote international knowledge exchange. Priorities include:

1. Water consumption metering
2. Unaccounted for water monitoring
3. Water loss detection
4. On-line nitrification control management for chloraminated systems
5. In-network drinking water disinfection byproduct monitoring
6. Reduction of in situ disinfection byproduct formation for groundwater recharge applications
7. Water quality pressure management in distribution systems
8. Portable pressure monitoring with ‘polling capability’ (dual feedback)
9. Online cleaning of reservoirs/tanks
10. Piping materials that withstand hot water and chlorine
11. Efficient location detection of sewer blockages
12. Tools that link asset management data to investment decisions
13. Platforms for managing critical incidents, emergencies and crises
14. Environmental reporting platform for increasing awareness of interested stakeholders

The deadline to submit proposals is noon on August 31. View the full criteria and guidelines here or by visiting waterstart.com.

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