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Three Case Studies of Elevated Uranium Concentrations in Gro...

By Stephen Wiman, PhD Introduction The very mention of dissolved uranium in drinking water supplies brings to mind its most infamous use: enrichment for producing nuclear devices. That is particularly true in northern New Mexico […]

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Arsenic Speciation: Practical Application in Water Treatment

By Stephen Wiman, PhD Figure 1. Map of study area Introduction Arsenic’s reputation for toxicity precedes it and the presence of elevated arsenic in well water gets the attention of customers. Inorganic arsenic is classified […]

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The Importance of Well Testing in Real Estate Transactions

By Stephen Wiman, PhD Northern New Mexico is an area known for problem water. More than half of one local company’s sales revenues are derived from the diverse, multi-component water treatment arrays it installs and […]

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Membrane Treatment of Complex Well Water: A Case Study

By Gary Battenberg, Nancy Prosser and Stephen Wiman, PhD Introduction For much of the Southwest, water is in very short supply and conservation is a top priority for state governments, municipalities and commercial and residential […]

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