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Making a Difference in Paradise: Honduras School Gets Gift f...

By Ron Hallett, P.E. Summary: Many organizations, often under the guise of public attention, extend their resources and time to Third World countries so quality drinking water can be attained. These organizations also need equipment […]

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What to Look for When Choosing a UV System for Your Home

By Ron Hallett, P.E. Selecting the right water purification solution to ensure your safety is one of the most critical decisions you’ll ever make. It involves more than just deciding who has the best list […]

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Changes in Ultraviolet Light Technologies: Coiled Tubes Offe...

By Jeff Roseman Summary: Recent tests using coiled tubes with UV light in drinking water treatment applications show promising results for compact design and significant benefits over quartz sleeves. It’s important for dealers to recognize […]

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New Advances in UV Water Treatment

By Ron Hallett Summary: Once tagged as a relatively unknown and potentially expensive water treatment, UV has gained a firmer place in the industry through education and certification. Moreover, advances in the field have made […]

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