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New Sorbent and On-Site Technology to Remove PFOA and PFAS f...

By Henry Nowicki, PhD, Richard Capp, Charles Carr and George Nowicki PFOA and PFAS compounds are global contaminants with reported health effects. With the current state of concern regarding these contaminants, new technologies and direction […]

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How POU Activated Carbon Filters Work

By Henry Nowicki, PhD, Richard Capp, George Nowicki, Wayne Schuliger, Christopher Brunning and Barbara Sherman All activated carbons are not the same and a basic understanding of how activated carbon filters work can help users […]

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Lignin Waste Transformed into Coconut-like Activated Carbon

By Henry Nowicki, PhD, Charles Carr and Richard Capp Introduction POU/POE devices with different media provide a drinking water final filter for many different applications. Taste, odor, color and toxic organics are best removed with […]

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