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I’m Uninsurable? What Does That Mean?

By Richard Aubrey What’s involved in underwriting a life insurance application and what could be an obstacle to getting a policy issued? In the water conditioning and purification industry, there are two possible sources of […]

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Long Term Care Insurance

By Richard A. Aubrey “Every one of us here can tell a story which would have the rest of us sobbing,” the Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) seminar instructor began. Most of the audience was […]

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Insurance: Term or Permanent?

By Richard A. Aubrey, CLU This question goes back decades, if not generations. Should you have term insurance or permanent insurance? What’s the difference and what difference does it make? How do they work and […]

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Disability Income

By Richard A. Aubrey What’s disability like? If you’re reading this before lunch, take the afternoon off. If not, start tomorrow. Sit on the sofa at home with the telephone—in case somebody calls, which they […]

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Dividing The Indivisible

By Dick Aubrey Introduction Consider the value of a vacation home owned by a woman we’ll call Mrs. Jones. Her husband had died years ago and her daughter’s family was the only ones to use […]

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