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Softening: Iron Removal by Ion Exchange—Standing on Solid ...

By Mike Keller Summary: Try as they may, resin manufacturers aren’t able to ensure how muchiron can be removed by softening resin. Nevertheless, we can identify types of iron and proceed from there. This article […]

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Water Conditioners: Maximizing Water Softener Efficiencies

By Mike Keller Summary: With water softener efficiency gaining special emphasi, water treatment dealers are encouraged to consider some design features that can improve the unit’s capacity. Some of the more important factors are discussed […]

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Water Conditioners: Tannin Removal—Trial and Error for the...

By Mike Keller Summary: The science of removing tannins from potable water is promulgated by purveyors of several water treatment technologies. In this case, each camp may be able to say their approach is best […]

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Ion Exchange: Resin Analysis Interpretation

By Mike Keller Summary: Ion exchange resins, like anything associated with water treatment equipment, are bound to wear down over time. Once the problem has been identified, steps can be taken to return the system […]

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