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Direct Mail

By Peter Hercky & Michael Pasqua There are three key elements of a successful direct mail program: the right list, the right creative package and the right offer. These factors are interdependent, and if any […]

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Spring and the Great Outdoors… Out-of-Home and Direction ...

By Peter Hercky and Michael Pasqua What’s your marketing strategy? Where is it (and your business) going? If you’re caught off guard by that question, you’re not alone. Most marketers can tell you about the […]

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Creativity Defined

By Peter Hercky & Michael Pasqua If you ask people to identify the driving force in advertising, they’ll tell you it is creativity. Although creativity is important, it is but one of the three legs […]

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Addendum and Then Some

By Peter Hercky and Michael Pasqua Knowing how your customer buys your products is just as important as knowing who and where they are. Every Purchase Decision-Making Process (PDMP) consists of seven distinctly separate steps. […]

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Determining The Marketing Budget

By Michael Pasqua Ask the right question One of the most difficult jobs you face each year is budgeting. It’s a function that requires you to predict what you’ll need, what it will cost and […]

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