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Ozone in the Residential Sector: A Discussion on Future Opti...

By Marc DeBrum WC&P recently engaged Marc DeBrum in a conversation about ozone technology and its future in residential applications. These are his responses. The use of ozone has typically been associated with larger commercial […]

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Good Ozone versus Bad Ozone—Dispelling The Myth

By Marc DeBrum Isn’t ozone bad for you? If I breathe in ozone will I get sick? Isn’t it smog? Isn’t it the large hole in the sky? We are often faced with these viable […]

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Ozone Systems Make Water Safer, Save Airlines Time and Money

By Marc DeBrum Among 20,000 commercial aircraft carrying passengers worldwide, approximately 1,000 (five percent) failed water safety tests in 2011, two years after publication of the Aircraft Drinking Water Rule (ADWR) by US EPA. That […]

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Ozone is Not Just for Residential Potable Water Treatment

By Marc De Brum It has been over 170 years since the discovery of the ozone (O3) molecule. Since that time, scientists and engineers have been testing and evaluating ways to use ozone in many […]

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