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Top 10 Myths about Desalination

By Genevieve D. Minter and Mark Bird Despite desalination being an option, there are over two billion people who do not have access to clean drinking water or adequate water for sanitation purposes. Critics of […]

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Six Ways To Reduce Desalting Costs By 50 Percent

By Mark Bird OPINION PIECE The current low cost of desalted seawater is $600 (US) per acre-foot or 326,000 gallons. [Insert Figure 1, which I created] Figure 1 shows this acre-foot cost is equal to […]

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A Water-Induced Economic Collapse of California

By Mark Bird Introduction Given current trends, an abundance of evidence points to a probable economic collapse of California. Metro Los Angeles is the likely epicenter of the collapse, but ripples of havoc are likely […]

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$000—Current Seawater Desalting Costs?

By Mark Bird Introduction Can nations now desalinate a million or a billion gallons of seawater at no real cost? Could $000 be the real cost to purify an acre/foot of desalted ocean water? This […]

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Supplying the Southwest with Seawater Purification

By Mark Bird Summary: U.S. lakes in the arid Southwest are drying up at record rates. With effective technologies at their disposal, the powers that be aren’t taking full advantage of seawater purification (i.e., desalination) […]

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