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Signals for the Future of POU Water Purification (Microbiol...

By D. Duane Dunk Wouldn’t it be great to know what’s coming in the market and how to adjust your strategy to be prepared? You can have a pretty good idea if you know where […]

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Things to Consider When Marketing a Better Mousetrap into Em...

By D. Duane Dunk f only it were as simple as merely pondering the great unmet needs for safe drinking water abroad, offering a comparatively low-priced system, and shipping it to be met with open […]

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N-halamine Technology for Developing Nations: Providing Clea...

By D. Duane Dunk and Jeffrey F. Williams, Ph.D. Summary: For underdeveloped countries around the world, one treatment is gaining wider acceptance for supplying purified water to their residents. Using chlorine as an antimicrobial agent, […]

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