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A Comparison Study of Activated Carbon Blocks for POU/POE Ap...

By Alexey Aksenov, Alexander Mitilineos, Alexander Polyakov, PhD and Joseph L. Shmidt, PhD Activated carbon (AC) cartridges are widely used in POU and POE water purification applications for: • Prefiltration before RO membranes for reducing […]

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Fourth Generation Water-on-water Reverse Osmosis: A Case S...

By Alexander Polyakov, PhD and Joseph L. Shmidt, PhD The bottled water market in the US is on the rise and now exceeds $11 billion (USD) annually, making it today’s benchmark for quality of drinking […]

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A Comparison of Water-on-Water and Standard RO Home Filters

By Alexander Polyakov, Ph.D. and Joseph L. Shmidt, Ph.D. Filtering tap water in Russia with home RO water filters has presented several challenges. This prompted a study of water-on-water RO systems with composite-fiber carbon block […]

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