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World Spotlight: Bottled Water in the Asian Pacific Regionâ€...

By Jason Holway Most felines shy away from water. Tigers, however, have no such aversion. What’s true of the animal kingdom is also increasingly true in the economic realm. Asia’s economic tigers may have lost […]

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RO: An Overview on Advances in POU Technology

By Victor Zaldivar, David Carlile and David Powell Summary: There’s been much talk about movement toward a “tankless” RO system. And, while advances in technology and design have meant less cramped space under homeowners’ sinks, […]

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RO:  New Device Shatters Seawater Conversion Conceptual Bar...

By G.G. Pique What happens if high recovery design is no longer crucial—Is this an energy recovery device or a pump?  Summary: A large reason why conversion of seawater to potable water has been impractical […]

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Combining Ozone with UV: Advanced Oxidation Process for Swim...

By Omar Legrini, Ph.D., and Gaspar Lesznik Summary: Swimming pool waters are exposed to high organic contamination from bathers. While these waters may be properly filtered, gradual accumulation of pollutants occurs in filters leading to […]

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Ozone and Food Processing: From Fresh Produce to Seafood, a ...

By Christopher Lee, CWS-V, and Ronald Rogers Healthy food. Convenience food. Ready-to-eat food. Do you eat this food? When you eat ready to eat “fresh pack” food products, does food safety come to mind? Do […]

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Large Scale Production of Extruded Carbon Block Filter Cartr...

By Dr. Evan Koslow Summary: KX Industries describes the production process used to manufacture large volumes of carbon block filter cartridges and provides a guided tour through one of the world’s largest activated carbon filter […]

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