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Ozone & Government Regulations: A Regulatory Update

By Paul K. Overbeck Summary: The Stage 2 D/DBP Rule now isn’t expected to lower the bromate MCL to 5 µg/L as was thought might occur as late as last fall. This is critical since […]

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Ozone: Treatment Applications for POU/POE and Small Water Sy...

By Thomas P. Palkon, CWS-VI Summary: As the POU/POE industry strives to serve the public with the most effective treatment, ozone is becoming more accessible as a treatment alternative. The issue then shifts on what […]

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Ozone:  Water Stores Take Advantage of an Alternative Disin...

By Roger Nathanson Summary: Treatment of water comes in various forms. One such method gaining wider acceptance is ozone. In particular, those in the bottled water industry are finding it very useful. The argument for […]

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Combining Ozone with UV: Advanced Oxidation Process for Swim...

By Omar Legrini, Ph.D., and Gaspar Lesznik Summary: Swimming pool waters are exposed to high organic contamination from bathers. While these waters may be properly filtered, gradual accumulation of pollutants occurs in filters leading to […]

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Ozone and Food Processing: From Fresh Produce to Seafood, a ...

By Christopher Lee, CWS-V, and Ronald Rogers Healthy food. Convenience food. Ready-to-eat food. Do you eat this food? When you eat ready to eat “fresh pack” food products, does food safety come to mind? Do […]

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