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Interconnectivity system

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Culligan International introduces its ClearLink Connect and Drinking Water Connect accessories, which connect Culligan’s AC-30 and Aqua-Cleer® drinking-water systems to the Culligan Connect Wi-Fi mobile app, giving homeowners the ability to monitor their home drinking water from anywhere in the world. This allows users to track daily, weekly and monthly water usage patterns, monitor contaminants and chemicals removed from their water, track the number of plastic bottles kept from the landfill and estimate dollars saved through use of the system—all from a smart phone.

In addition, a built-in Wi-Fi leak sensor acts as a warning system that notifies a user’s smart phone when a leak is detected, while the filter-life indicator and real-time TDS monitor provide peace of mind, ensuring that homeowners always know exactly what is happening under their sink. The mobile app can be downloaded for free via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Water treatment systems

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

HydroNovation’s compact HydroDI water treatment systems reduce contaminants and scale-forming minerals for optimal water quality. The HydroDI residential and commercial systems are available in standard and high-efficiency models in 50- and 80-gallon (189- and 302-liter) tank capacities to accommodate end-user water consumption profiles for peak and daily demand. An optional AquaDash™ 24/7 remote monitoring service is available with each system. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly, HydroDI helps customers save water and energy, while improving water quality, reducing wastewater discharge and eliminating chemical use and salt handling. www.hydronovation.com, (920) 287-5437

Backwater valves

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

RectorSeal® Corp. announces the redesigned Clean Check® extendable backwater valve product line’s upper and lower collars, which now accommodate both standard four-inch-diameter (10.16-cm) or optional, easier-to-handle, lightweight two-inch-diameter (5.08-cm) PVC risers for preventing sewer back-ups into residential and light commercial buildings. The collar redesign includes the ‘snap-in/pull-out’ 75-psi-rated (at 177 feet of head) heavy-duty flapper, which can be installed and locked into the lower collar within seconds. This tight-sealing, plasticized PVC flapper is available for 3-, 4- and 6-inch-diameter (7.62-, 10.16- and 15.24-cm) sewer lines. Older style flapper/collar assemblies that are worn or 15-psi-rated can be retrofitted using the Clean Check Rebuild Kit, which includes the 75-psi flapper/collar and upper collar. Contractors must supply a new two-inch or four-inch-diameter PVC inner riser.The complete, patented Clean Check system is available in PVC or ABS plastic and consists of a tee-shaped valve body and an upper collar and matching lower collar. Available through US plumbing and heating trade wholesalers; sold as single units or three-packs. www.rectorseal.com, marketing@rectorseal.com, (800) 231-3345

Gas chlorintator

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Jun2015ChlorinatorsChlorinators Incorporated’s all-vacuum REGAL™ gas chlorinator system makes gas chlorination very safe. Made in the USA, it is used to disinfect drinking water, wastewater, industrial process water and more. The gas chlorinator uses 100-percent chlorine, providing a consistent chlorine residual and doesn’t create bromates, chlorates and perchlorates. The all-vacuum system eliminates problems associated with pressure-type manifold systems. It is directly mounted on a cylinder or ton container and is assembled by hand, tested by skilled technicians and is easy to maintain and clean. www.regalchlorinators.com, regal@regalchlorinators.com

Automated valves

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Assured AutomationJun2015Assured announces the addition of the SM Series to their compact automated valve line. This series features Sure Mount actuated, brass ball valves with compact electric actuators.For use in residential and commercial HVAC applications, these brass and lead-free brass automated ball valves are available in sizes 0.5 to 2 inches (12.7 to 50.8 cm). The SM Series quarter-turn ball valve features a simple one clip-pin actuator mounting system, which offers stability and eliminates the cost, weight and installation time required by other valve-actuator mounting systems. http://assuredautomation.com, info@assuredautomation.com

Mobile ultrafiltration

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

1210WaterTecIntlAqualine II Water Systems introduces the IXC-UF mobile system, which is ultimately designed for use as a pilot stage at the beginning of large projects, such as wastewater reuse, greywater treatment and clarification. It uses an SFP-2860 membrane, with 25-gpm (94.6 L/min) top flow. Available for lease in the US and Mexico.
www.aql2.com, consuelo@aql2.com, (520) 468-7697

Drinking water systems

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Hydrotech’s Aqua Flo Platinum QCRO and QCUF Drinking Water Systems can be configured to meet specific water requirements with 10 interchangeable filters with a variety of treatment options. The QC twist-and-lock design makes service simple.The Aqua Flo Ultra Filtration (UF) option features no drain line, resulting in reduced cost and no waste. Hydrotech’s recently re-designed website features a clean design with easy navigation and at-your-fingertip information. New product information/manuals are available in the products section, which is conveniently separated by product lines. The dealer-protected area allows dealers access to marketing material, online product order forms and much more! www.hydrotechwater.com, (877) 354-7867

Multi-beverage system

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

ChungHo Nais’ WHI CAFFE II is the world’s first all-in-one café (water purifier plus ice maker plus coffee machine). The large-capacity system features a one-touch nozzle cleaning system. It produces four beverage types (Espresso, Americano, Mild Americano and Tea) and pure ice from an RO system. http://eng.chungho.co.kr, goodeal@chungho.co.kr

Bottle filler

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Haws Corporation’s Model 1900 Bottle Filler features a patent-pending reversible drain, enabling the unit to be installed above an existing drinking fountain or mounted as a stand-alone fixture. This unit provides drinking water to schools, offices and indoor facilities at a fraction of the cost of a typical bottle filler. Key features include 100-percent lead-free waterways; patent-pending reversible drain that can be turned inward for in-wall waste hook-up; a separate mounting frame that allows for quick and easy installation and ADA compliance. www.hawsco.com

Air-water dispensers

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Skywell LLC introduces three models of air-water water dispensers. Skywell 5T features an interactive touch-screen with programmable features designed to transform the water-consuming experience at the office. Skywell 100P and Skywell 100N are high-capacity units designed for both potable and non-potable usage. Skywell 5T draws ambient air into the unit where it undergoes a process similar to nature’s very own water cycle; moisture is collected and then purified using a rigorous multi-filter process, along with the introduction of UV and ozone exposure between storage and consumption. This unit requires only a standard electrical outlet to operate and sits on four wheels so that it can be placed anywhere. It features an eight-inch, high-resolution, interactive touch-screen that engages users with water-temperature displays, water facts and stored water volume. The 5T also dispenses hot and cold water with customizable settings of 190-200°F (87-93°C) for hot water and approximately 37°F (2.7°C) for cold water. www.skywell.com/

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