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Level instruments

Sunday, March 15th, 2020

Endress+Hauser introduces the Liquiphant FTL51B and FTL41 vibrating-fork (vibronic) level instruments. The FTL51B features industry 4.0 and IIoT capabilities. The FTL51B can be used in storage tanks, containers and pipes for point-level detection of all types of liquids. The instrument’s vibronic sensor is not affected by changing media properties, flow, turbulence, gas bubbles, foam, vibration or build-up and works in process temperatures of -58 to 302°F (-50 to 150°C) and pressures up to 1,450 psi (100 bar). The economical, general-purpose FTL41 is similar to the FTL51B, but works at lower pressures, up to 580 psi (40 bar) and with a narrower temperature range of -40 to 302°F (-40 to 150 °C).

Leak detection system

Sunday, March 15th, 2020

Water Management Systems Inc.’s 2020 CES Product of the Year, WaterSwitch®, works on the Direct Water Allocation principal. This means the valve that allows water to flow opens and closes automatically based on when water is used. The valve opens and closes in less than one second. When the valve is closed, dual-pressure sensors monitor for any leaks. A water meter will quantify usage and also the amount of the leak. Protected by two US patents, (11 International and additional US patents pending), it is US EPA WaterSense-approved The company is currently seeking dealers and distributors.

Illustrated plumbing guide

Sunday, March 15th, 2020

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) announces the release of the 2021 edition of the National Standard Plumbing Code – Illustrated (NSPC). The updated 2021 NSPC provides the latest information about common materials, fixtures, devices and equipment systems used or installed in plumbing systems. This new edition is printed in the popular illustrated format, with comments and illustrations clearly shown as supplemental information. The illustrations and supplementary notes make it an indispensable training tool.

High-pressure housings

Sunday, March 15th, 2020

QMP Inc.’s high-pressure housings are made from the highest quality reinforced polypropylene. Designed to be chemical resistant, Slim Boy and Grande Boy exceed industry standards and are proudly manufactured in the USA. The QMP400-20BK housing holds one standard 20” L x 4.5” W (50 x 11-cm) water filter cartridge. The QMP400-2025 housing holds one standard 20″ L x 2.5-inch W (50 x 6-cm) water filter cartridge. Both are ideal for a wide range of applications, including residential, commercial and industrial uses.

Commercial RO system

Sunday, March 15th, 2020

Blue Water Group introduces the compact and robust Bluewater Pro, a powerhouse POU water purifier. It helps both professional kitchens and homes create their own near-endless supply of pure water for cooking, washing and drinking. The system delivers 1,825 gpd (6,908 L/day) of on-demand RO-purified water for dishwashers, ice makers, coffee makers, steam ovens, produce misters and more. Compact, energy efficient and maintenance friendly, Bluewater RO purifiers have a 60-percent recovery rate, which saves money and the environment.

Smart water detection system

Sunday, March 15th, 2020

John Guest is now offering StreamLabs® Smart Home Water Monitor, which provides real-time leak prevention, 24/7. It uses advanced ultrasonic technology and can alert users when problems arise. The unit can be installed in less than five minutes with no tools or plumbers required. Attach the monitor to the main water line with zip ties after downloading the app and connecting to Wi-Fi. Calibrate and plug in the monitor, then adjust and set alerts.

Membrane guide

Sunday, March 15th, 2020

Elsevier announces the publication of Current Trends and Future Developments on (Bio-) Membranes: Reverse and Forward Osmosis: Principles, Applications, Advances by Angelo Basile, Alfredo Cassano and Navin Rastogi. This book covers the important aspects of reverse osmosis, forward osmosis and their combination in integrated systems, along with their specific and well-established applications. It offers an overview of recent developments in the field of forward and reverse osmosis and their applications in water desalination, wastewater treatment and more. General principles, membrane module developments, fouling, modeling, simulation and optimization of both technologies are also covered.

Dome hole tank

Sunday, March 15th, 2020

Clack Corporation introduces a revolutionary design for Dome Hole Tanks, which have a large dome opening with a proprietary coarse-thread design. They open easily to clean, allowing no media to be trapped. The company also designed a unique funnel to be used for refilling media that fits securely in the dome hole with a wide open area for easy filling. It features a groove lock that keeps it in the proper orientation.

Shim O-rings are also available that provide 60° and 120° offsets for Clack control valves, if needed. Now available in 10”x 54” (25 x 137 cm) size. Sizes available in second quarter 2020: 12”x 52” (30 x 132 cm) and 13”x 54” (33 x 137 cm). Visit Clack’s WQA Booth #401.


Water treatment systems

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

HydroNovation’s compact HydroDI water treatment systems reduce contaminants and scale-forming minerals for optimal water quality. The HydroDI residential and commercial systems are available in standard and high-efficiency models in 50- and 80-gallon (189- and 302-liter) tank capacities to accommodate end-user water consumption profiles for peak and daily demand. An optional AquaDash™ 24/7 remote monitoring service is available with each system. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly, HydroDI helps customers save water and energy, while improving water quality, reducing wastewater discharge and eliminating chemical use and salt handling. www.hydronovation.com, (920) 287-5437

Backwater valves

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

RectorSeal® Corp. announces the redesigned Clean Check® extendable backwater valve product line’s upper and lower collars, which now accommodate both standard four-inch-diameter (10.16-cm) or optional, easier-to-handle, lightweight two-inch-diameter (5.08-cm) PVC risers for preventing sewer back-ups into residential and light commercial buildings. The collar redesign includes the ‘snap-in/pull-out’ 75-psi-rated (at 177 feet of head) heavy-duty flapper, which can be installed and locked into the lower collar within seconds. This tight-sealing, plasticized PVC flapper is available for 3-, 4- and 6-inch-diameter (7.62-, 10.16- and 15.24-cm) sewer lines. Older style flapper/collar assemblies that are worn or 15-psi-rated can be retrofitted using the Clean Check Rebuild Kit, which includes the 75-psi flapper/collar and upper collar. Contractors must supply a new two-inch or four-inch-diameter PVC inner riser.The complete, patented Clean Check system is available in PVC or ABS plastic and consists of a tee-shaped valve body and an upper collar and matching lower collar. Available through US plumbing and heating trade wholesalers; sold as single units or three-packs. www.rectorseal.com, marketing@rectorseal.com, (800) 231-3345

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