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Testing of Ultrafiltration Systems

By Rick Andrew One of the fastest growing technologies in POU/POE water treatment is ultrafiltration. Typically configured as systems incorporating modules with embedded hollow fibers, high flow rates, low Scope of ultrafiltration Figure 1: Filtration […]

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Global Spotlight

North America POU cooler markets growing POU plumbed-in mains water coolers have emerged as a key competitor to bottled water coolers in the US, increasing their share of the overall cooler market to 14 percent […]

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How Sharp Is Your Axe— And How Good Is Your Swing?

By Gary Coon If you have been in the world of selling for more than a month, you’ve probably been lectured on the importance of staying on top of your game. As a newcomer to […]

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Softening Alternatives

By C. F. “Chubb” Michaud CWS-VI Hardness defined The perception of soft water by commercial/industrial users goes well beyond simply preventing scale. Water that contains divalent calcium and magnesium ions is prone to leaving a […]

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AWQA Recap: Will Alternative Products Get The Ok?

That was the catchy phrase the Arizona Water Quality Association to announce an important presentation at its November 2010 luncheon meeting and annual election. The presentation spurred the attendance of at least 50, including past […]

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