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Celebrate the season!

Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

As 2019 comes to a close, it’s important to remember that celebrations are an important part of our success. It’s often said that nobody learns from success because they believe everything is alright and no changes are necessary. Failures, however, often result in unintended catalysts for success and that is always worth celebrating.

In this issue, we focus on water treatment that is not quite a mainstay of our niche market but as we move more toward reclamation and reuse, it’s important to focus on water resources we’ve overlooked.

Desalination has been a boon to several areas, especially arid desert regions, but it’s extending into many areas previously thought to be drought-proof. The International Desalination Association is at the forefront of helping its members find better ways to manage water resources by using desalination. Creating new sources has been ongoing for years, as the association notes in its annual industry update. More countries are exploring the possibility of augmenting traditional water sources through desalination and reclamation, and more will follow as our most precious resource dwindles.

Wastewater treatment facilities have long been at the end of the supply chain but modern thought is bringing change to that market segment as well. Reclamation, energy recovery, materials recovery and more are quickly becoming part and parcel of the final water treatment process, as noted by David Cohen of ATS Innova. He explores how more can be done to conserve both supply and materials through advanced processes.

Time and again, our authors have made note of having a solid contract in place before doing any installation of water treatment systems. Some write their own, while others have a legal beagle do it for them. The specifics of water treatment notwithstanding, it’s important to get it right. Don Cleveland of Water Color Management offers a sample contract that is far-reaching and comprehensive. It may save companies time, money and headaches to have something upon which to pattern their business contracts.

The Pacific Water Quality Association did it up big for their annual convention and trade show this year and yours truly was on hand to capture those wonderful moments for posterity. As many look to retirement (with some wanting to ‘pass the torch’), the next generation needs to get their feet wet while they are young and are more eager to learn the ropes. Our recap highlights many of the association’s family business leaders and possible successors, keeping it all in the family.

For some time, the Environmental Working Group has provided a treasure trove of data on water quality. But is that data in line with required reporting? Is it used properly or is there an agenda? Dr. Kelly A. Reynolds gives us something to think about when the subject of water-contamination reporting arises.

We will soon say goodbye to 2019 and look back at another successful year. For 60 years we’ve been by your side and we will kick off 2020 with the hope we’ll be by your successors’ sides for the next 60. Until we meet again, celebrate with gusto and get ready to make new memories and industry history. We’ll be there, too, kicking up our heels in celebration and preparing for another busy year. Salud!

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